If you’re looking for instant payday loans in Ontario, we can help you out. At Better Than The Bank, we can provide you with swift payday loan approvals and deposit the money immediately into your account.

When you think about getting a loan, you’d be forgiven for expecting it to take days or weeks before you saw the money in your account. However, our loans get approved and paid out within 24 hours of applying.

You can apply for payday loans of up to $1 000.00, and rest assured that, assuming you meet the basic criteria, you will get your money straight away.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve filled out the application form and we have verified that you meet our minimum criteria for a loan – such as having a legitimate telephone number and email address, being of legal age, having a legitimate bank account, being a resident of Ontario, and earning above the minimum threshold of $300.00 per week of for three consecutive months in the same job – we will run an Instant Banking Verification to verify everything. This quick check is done instead of a credit check.

Credit checks can often unfairly disqualify you from getting a loan even though you’re technically able to pay it back because of past financial sins. An Instant Banking Verification check simply tells us whether you’re presently in a financial position to reasonably handle the loan repayment, leaving your past in the past.

What Might Cause A Delay?

If you meet all of the minimum criteria, you will get your money without delay.

The only time you might experience a delay in receiving your funds is if the information you provided is incomplete, contains errors or requires further clarification. In cases such as these, we will get in touch with you to iron it out as soon as possible.

There might also be minor delays in getting your funds if you submitted your request outside of regular office hours or if the banks are suffering some kind of internal delays.

For instant payday loans in Ontario, look no further than Better Than The Bank. We will get money into your account in no time. With us, it’s faster, easier and better than the bank!