Is there a thing as no credit check loans?

It’s a standard misconception that you will have to pass a credit check each time you apply for a loan. Not all loans are equal, and therefore the requirements and criteria can vary from one loan to subsequent.

If you would like to get a loan of up to $1500 and are a Canadian with a job, you can get installment loan with absolutely no credit check.

No Credit Check Loans

Your bank will indeed require you to pass a credit check before offering you a loan, so it’s easy to ascertain why most people think that each loan requires one. However, you’ll get a loan with no credit check once you apply for installment credit online.

There’s an easy form to complete. The application review happens within a few minutes. There are zero credit checks involved, so you’ve got a brief credit history, there’s a great chance that you’ll be eligible for an installment credit.

Are no credit check loans quick?

With an installment, the authorization will be given on the day that you apply for the loan. If you’ve applied for any loan before, you’ll know that it’s a swift turnaround. What’s even better is that when you’re approved for a no credit check loan, the cash will be deposited in your checking account within hours.

Installment loans aren’t to be confused with payday loans. The interest rates are far better with installment loans, and you don’t get to pay everything back in one payment. With installment credit, you’ve got up to 120 days to pay the loan back in installments, so you’ll only be paying a little amount monthly.

The advantage of no credit check loans is obvious, and once you think about a costly repayment plan and cash that’s available the same day, it becomes a no brainer.

Who is eligible for no credit check loans?

As long as you’re Canadian and over 18, you can apply for a no credit check installment credit, and you’ll use the cash for whatever you select.

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