If you need money quickly, one of the ways to get what you need is by applying for instant loans in BC. While there are numerous different types of loans and lending mechanisms on the market, few of them can get money into your account as quickly or easily as instant loans.

Here at Better Than The Bank, we offer instant loans that can help you easily navigate financial shortfalls. Let’s look at some ways instant loans can be helpful.

They’re Faster

Instant loans are really quick. The process can take less than 24 hours, from application to approval to payout. 

Since the applications for instant loans, such as those available through Better Than The Bank, are done online, the application process completely sidesteps the need for you to stand in queues and deal with the frustrations of going into a bank. You can apply from the convenience of wherever you happen to be and get it over within minutes.

What’s more, instant loans are the way to go if you need money in a hurry and can’t afford to wait days or weeks for a loan to be approved. With instant loans, you can get your funds in no time.

They’re Easier

Aside from their speed, one of the best features of instant loans, such as those on offer from Better Than The Bank, is how easy it is to get approved. 

One of the reasons that many people struggle to get approved for loans is that they have a poor credit history. Traditional lenders place a lot of emphasis on this, meaning that if your credit record is checkered, you will struggle to get approved or might be offered very unfavourable terms.

Instant loans are not concerned with your credit history. Instead, you simply need to offer proof that you have a stable source of income that will allow you to repay your loan without issue.

You can get approved if you have a job and meet a few basic identity verification requirements.

This means you won’t be waiting, guessing and hoping you’ll be approved based on a credit record you have no control over. Instead, when applying for an instant loan, you will know upfront whether you meet the loan requirements and can plan accordingly. This removes uncertainty and helps you plan.

 To apply for instant loans in BC today, you can’t go wrong with Better Than The Bank, where we offer loans faster and more easily ‒ it’s all in our name. Apply now