If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone. Times are tough. With fuel prices reaching record highs and inflation going through the roof, many people struggle to come out on top at the end of the month.

Perhaps this is you, or maybe you’re simply facing a financial emergency that you didn’t plan for and need an extra cash boost to see you through. Payday loans in Vancouver, BC, can save you the hassle of going to the bank and applying for credit.

To get a payday loan, you don’t have to have your credit score checked, nor do you have to meet the other strict criteria that traditional banks impose on applicants.

You can apply for an advance on your salary without needing a credit check and do it all online in a couple of minutes. Once your application has been processed, you can receive your money in as little as 24 hours.

All that is required is proof of stable and permanent employment where you earn at least $300 per week, proof that you’re of legal age, and a valid telephone number and email address where we can reach you.

If these things are in place, then the likelihood of you being approved for your payday loan is high ‒ assuming you don’t have a long history of non-sufficient funds when payment is required.

Let us take a look at two of these categories now.

Proof Of Stable Employment 

For us to approve a payday loan, you need to prove that you have a stable job. This is to verify that you will be able to repay the loan. It’s also to help you avoid getting into deeper financial trouble. By proving that you have a stable job, you will be able to prove that you can pay the loan back and that it will be within your means. Typically, a payday loan will match your income level and act similarly to an advance on your salary, albeit with interest.

Proof Of Age

This requirement is to protect us as the lender and ensure that we are not lending to someone deemed legally incapable of entering into contracts and financial agreements. By Canadian law, anyone who is a minor is not legally capable of making such a decision; therefore, such a loan would not be protected.

This means we cannot claim repayment. If we did not check your age, we would not comply with the law and would also leave ourselves open to making a loss on loan.

If you meet these basic requirements, then a payday loan in Vancouver, BC, might be ideal for you if you are facing short-term financial road bumps in the road. For more information and to apply, contact us at Better Than The Bank today and let us help you pave a brighter future.