If you’re looking for a boost in cash, you could apply for loans at several institutions. However, many of these institutions make getting loans difficult because they require a significant amount of paperwork, credit history checks and much more, only to be rejected anyway.

One way to be approved for instalment loans in Toronto is to apply through an institution such as Better Than The Bank. Here are some excellent reasons why you should come to us rather than a bank.

Completely Transparent

One of the reasons why people get into financial trouble when applying for loans is that they often do not understand the fine print, so to speak. Many borrowers do not understand or are not made aware of all of the hidden clauses and penalties that might come with a particular loan.

At Better Than The Bank, we aspire to be 100% transparent so that there are no hidden costs or annoying requirements that could come back to bite you later. We ensure that everything is made clear upfront so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. We believe that this is beneficial for you as the borrower and protects us as the lender, so it is in both of our interests to be clear and forthright about the agreement.

Quick And Easy

Many institutions promise quick and easy processes for their customers. However, in the case of Better Than The Bank’s loans, this is 100% true. We require minimal paperwork, and the entire application process can be done online. You don’t have to drive into a bank, stand in the queue, speak to a clerk or anything else.

Once you’ve applied online and submitted the accompanying documents ‒ of which they are not many ‒ the process typically takes less than 24 hours before the funds are made available to you.

Bad Credit Is Not A Problem

Although there are some basic checks that we need to conduct to make sure that you can repay the loan, these checks are minimal and do not require us to go into your credit history. Bad credit will not play a role in whether we approve a loan or not. Therefore, you needn’t worry if you have a bad credit history. You should do okay with your application if you have a stable job.

To get approved online today for instalment loans in Toronto, apply at Better Than The Bank today!