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There are many reasons people find themselves in need of a loan. Sometimes everything seems to be going well, and then life suddenly throws you lemons.

Be it a medical emergency, expired house rent, an unforeseen car repair, sometimes, you just don’t have any available money when you need it the most. Then a few days will feel like months when you need to get your car back on the road, or you need to pay an urgent medical bill. This is where a fast online payday lender comes in to help.

At Better Than the Bank, we understand that the last thing you want is getting money in a complicated or frustrating way. So with us, there is no waiting in line, no paperwork, and no financial statements required. All applications are made online. Yes, it’s that easy!

Why Choose Us?

Fast and Simple Process

Applying for a payday loan with Better Than the Bank is easy and fast. We issue quick online payday loans ranging from $100 to $1000.  We are committed to providing convenience in all we do, so we relieve your financial stress and not add to it by telling you to submit tons of paperwork.

Simply apply for a loan from your smartphone, computer, or tablet, and we will ensure you receive your loan approval as soon as possible.


When you apply for any type of loan at Better Than the Bank, rest assured you are in great hands. We believe in total transparency, so we will ensure you understand our terms and conditions, and we won’t come up with any hidden costs.

All fees are disclosed from the start, including fees you’ll be required to pay if you default on your loan, which we hope never happens.


Better Than the Bank’s payday loan application process utilizes high-level encryption that ensures your personal information is safe and never used without your permission.

Perfect Credit Not Needed

Credit scores are regarded as a vital factor when applying for a payday or personal loan. However, with Better Than the Bank, the reverse is the case. We consider more than just your credit score when reviewing applications, which means you can still be given a loan despite not having a perfect credit history.

How It Works

  1. Fill and submit an online loan application form on our website specifying the amount you’d like to borrow and every other detail on the form.
  2. After submitting your application, we will let you know if you have been approved without any unnecessary delay. If we need additional information, we will reach out to you via email or phone call.
  3. Once you are approved, we will transfer your loan to you as soon as possible. It’s that easy!


Short Term Loans
It is not possible to see the future, but at least you know you have someone to fall back on when the future comes, and it’s a little problematic than you thought it would be.

Whether you are simply looking to navigate through this month’s bills or you were caught unprepared by an emergency that your savings can not handle, a short term loan from Better Than the Bank could be a convenient and fast solution.

Payday Loans
Sometimes, unexpected costs come up before payday. Whether you need to get some daily items before payday or a bill became due before payday, a payday loan can help you when you’re in a tight corner. Payday loans are usually for smaller loan amounts up to $1000.00, and they provide quick funding for emergency expenses that come up before you receive your paycheck.

At Better Than the Bank, we understand that no one is protected from financial crisis, and getting loans from banks is not an easy feat as it may take months even to convince them. This is why our payday loans are available to everyone regardless of their credit history and career choice.

Installment Loans
When you need funds to cover a big purchase, installment loans are the solution. At Better Than the Bank, you can apply for an installment loan for up to $1000.00 and use it to cover any type of personal expense. People from various walks of life can benefit from our installment loan no matter their credit history or career choice.

Different from our short-term loans, installment loans are a perfect choice for those looking for an enormous sum of loan with lower monthly repayment rates. Our installment loan allows you to pay back your loan in several regular payments rather than paying at once.

Bad Credit Loans
Bad credit is how companies evaluate individuals who wish to borrow money. If you’ve got a history of failing to pay your bills, it’s assumed that you will continue this practice into the longer term – it’s, therefore, a bad idea for a business to lend you money as they could not catch on back.

If your bank deposits are not as high as you wish they were, and your spending habits are beyond the average Canadian, it is quite possible a financial institution to refuse you of new credit.

Bad credit is typically determined through a credit check and is closely associated with your credit score.